Our Green Cone Collection features future-friendly Hydrocycled™ yarns created from wasted fibres of mixed clippings, end of roll fabrics and expended materials as the raw component. Reducing both the amount of waste produced and the need for new virgin material to be harvested allows a more sustainable future for us and future generations.

Hydrocycled™ yarns are processed and regenerated in accordance with the international standards of OEKO-TEX, DETOX REACH and GRS. Our environmentally friendly manufacturing practices and principles aim to eradicate clothing waste and reduce our impact on the planet.


Both recycled fabric and organic fabric are sustainable raw materials. However we prefer to use recycled and upcycled fabrics because their negative environmental impact is much lower. Hydrocycled™ yarns comply with the REACH standard (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals). REACH is an analytic company that verifies the chemical products used in production are not harmful.

It is the mission of every pair of Hydrocycled™ socks to accelerate the innovation of sustainable materials, to eliminate hazardous chemicals and to remove all unnecessary plastics. Hydrocycled™ yarns are certified by the Global Recycled Standard. The GRS is an international standard that sets and verifies recycled content, social and environmental production practices and chemical restrictions

Six parameters are currently used to determine the sustainability of a material to determine the impact of a fibre:

  • Energy consumption/CO2 emissions
  • Use of water
  • Use of the ground
  • Use of chemical products
  • Relationship with biodiversity
  • Production of solid residues

Hydrocycled™ yarns aim to accelerate the innovation of sustainable materials to eliminate all hazardous chemicals and remove unnecessary plastic.

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