Hydrovent® enhanced performance, comfort and durability

As consumers place increasing importance on the active intelligence of garments, it is vital for manufacturers to respond and improve the technological features of their collections. One area highlighted to be a key performance criterion, and therefore set to grow significantly, concerns moisture management. Hydrovent® technology has been developed to embrace this demand by providing true added value for customers and a crucial point of differentiation for manufacturers.

Designed to change the way we view comfort, Hydrovent® raises our expectation levels from a fabric by delivering ultimate functionality.

Hydrovent® technology; form and function combined:

Hydrovent® cool in any situation.

“Hydrovent® is a high-performance yarn incorporating a multi-channel core which enables moisture to be managed away from the skin quickly and reduces fabric drying times. This combination of attributes provide a highly breathable microclimate allowing Hydrovent® technology to be particularly suited to enhance the performance of garments such as sportswear, intimate apparel and socks. Indeed it is without doubt that garments with Hydrovent® at their foundation deliver the high levels of active functionality required to meet the demands of today’s modern lifestyle.”

Robert Horsley – Managing Director

Combining the best in quality and performance Hydrovent® technology constantly manages moisture away from your skin, keeping you dry and comfortable.

The multi-filament polyester fibre matrix of Hydrovent® has, at it’s core, a multi-channelled structure designed to wick away perspiration from the skin. This moisture is then rapidly transferred to the garments outer surface for drying, preventing both irritation and odour.

Hydrovent® performance through innovation.

Hydrovent® technology presents us with the ideal yarn to enable the production of garments that are engineered to provide technical advantages coupled with an excellent moisture management system.

  • Hydrovent® has a high tenacity, ensuring fabrics and fibres are extremely strong.
  • Hydrovent® is very durable and assists abrasion resistance.
  • Hydrovent® is hydrophobic in nature and quick drying.
  • Hydrovent® provides long-lasting performance.