Why wear Prevent Sprain Technology socks?

Ankle sprains are the most common injury in various sports which can often evolve into Chronic Ankle instability.
Prevent Sprain Technology socks provide active stabilisation by using integrated tension straps based on the biomechanical principles of functional taping and ankle supports. The compressive characteristics enhance venous return, reducing fatigue, which indirectly contributes to reducing the risk of ankle sprain. The non-slip grips improve reaction time and prevent the foot from slipping inside the footwear, thus enhancing protective muscle activation.

Who is at risk from ankle sprain?

Ankle sprain is associated with sudden changing of direction, turns and braking, as well as landing on the ground, for example after a jump. Individuals with a previous history of sprains with ligament instability are those who present a higher risk of injury and benefit more from preventive methods.


Who should wear Prevent Sprain Technology socks?

Athletes or non-athlete population who wish to avoid their first sprain, or who are in the last phase of rehabilitation after an ankle sprain in order to return to the activity. As the severity and recovery times may differ substantially from person to person, check with your doctor or physiotherapist on the best time to wear these socks and move away from the more rigid containment methods.


Who should not wear Prevent Sprain Technology socks?

Athletes or non-athlete population who are in the acute or subacute phase of rehabilitation after a sprained ankle.
Individuals who present: serious circulatory problems, leg swelling due to heart problems, infections on the leg / phlebitis.
You should consult your doctor or health care professional before using Prevent Sprain Technology socks if you have: diabetes, sensory deficits, open leg sores below the knee, or if you already wear compression socks prescribed by your doctor.